A rapid analysis of biomolecules

The HexagonFab Bolt

To address the limitations of optical-based label-free analysis platforms, HexagonFab has developed a graphene-based sensor system called the HexagonFab Bolt, which consists of the Bolt reader and sensor. The Bolt sensor measures changes in the electronic properties of a sensitive membrane at the sensor-analyte interface. It can be used for a widely performed type of assay, often referred to generically as Biomolecular Interaction Analysis (BIA).

Picture of FET scheme
Rapid Measurement of Antibody-Antigen Kinetics using the Bolt Analysis Platform
In this note, we used the Bolt system to demonstrate its ease of use and capability to measure antibody-ligand binding kinetics. In the presented example we successfully determined the affinity of a commercial Anti-Avidin antibody and benchmarked it against the value measured by the traditional SPR method (Biacore T200).
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