Our approach on Diversity and Inclusion

February 3, 2022

“The great thing about the diversity in our team is that it's naturally the case, and everyone is there for a reason and valued as individuals. The sense of family is fortified by everyone's work ethic and personality. It isn't predicated on where we were born, just how well we work together,” says Cristian. This diversity and inclusion post could begin with some numbers stating how many different nationalities, religions, sexual orientations etc. are represented at HexagonFab. But acknowledging everyone as individuals is one of the reasons why we don’t even think about diversity as in numbers.

Diversity comes naturally at HexagonFab

That being said, we appreciate every aspect that comes with a diverse team and could not imagine another way of working together: Sylwia values that “the team is very open minded and everyone brings a different point of view, which sparks creativity”. As that is a part of innovation, we trust that this work environment will also drive business growth in the long run. Provided that the companies commit to a leadership style which embraces diversity and live an inclusive culture, teams are more likely to achieve financial outperformance according to multiple reports.

Being inclusive describes how we work together

“The HexagonFab team is made of people with different cultural backgrounds, and many of us travelled to, studied and worked in different countries. Everyone of us is proud of their roots and at the same time, eager to learn about our colleagues' cultures. This wonderful contamination enriches all of us personally,” says Paolo. Especially in terms of solving problems, the greater number of approaches suggested thanks to having a diverse team is regarded as a big advantage according to all of our team members. “I find that particularly valuable to my professional growth. It expands my thinking when taking on professional challenges”, Dominykas observes.

Of course, practising diversity and inclusion cannot be done without constant self reflection

We hope to welcome more women as we grow, as of now only 25% of our team members are women, which puts us below average according to data from 100 companies in the biotech industry. Our founders are eager to tackle this, as Ruizhi remarks: “Sadly, we don’t receive as many applications from women as we would like to. We want to change this and are sure that we can find suitable solutions individually, that will ultimately be beneficial for everyone. Regardless, we aim to treat everyone equally and create a work environment that integrates well with any life situation”.

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