5 signs you might need a Bolt

December 16, 2021

Lost time is never found again,” said Benjamin Franklin. Time is precious, samples and lab space too. Here at HexagonFab, we will soon launch the Bolt: an affordable device to measure affinity and kinetics. We are using a sensitive and scalable method to help you save everything you need the most in the lab.

1 - Are you tired of ELISAs, stacks of plates and lengthy protocols? 

ELISAs are time-consuming and labour-intensive because they are based on changes in colour, fluorescence or chemiluminescence. The Bolt’s label-free technique detects variations in molecules’ electrical signals and allows you to rank your binders with shorter protocols. Faster results mean more time for planning your next experiments.

2 - Have you got a precious target and every microlitre counts?

Thanks to the Bolt’s dip-and-read format, you can recover your samples. This way not only do you need a small quantity of samples, but you also do not waste them.

3 - Are you working with ligands that are much smaller than your target?

Bolt’s measurements are size independent. You can coat the Bolt’s surface with molecules as tiny as small molecules, or as big as antibodies: you choose!

4 - Do you need kinetic data to understand your binding interactions?

Affinity studies tell how tightly a ligand binds to your protein of interest, but you might want to know how fast this interaction happens and how much energy it needs. Predicting the efficacy of a binder, especially for drug discovery applications, requires data on both affinity and kinetics. The Hexagonfab Bolt wins on both sides.

5 - Do you struggle to fit more instruments for biophysical analysis in your lab?

You do not need to have an instrument the size of a refrigerator or an oven to measure a tiny amount of biological sample. The Bolt has a tiny footprint and contains sensors the size of a matchstick. It’s a small, low-maintenance tool, perfect for those who like plug-and-play devices.

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